All Peaceful Means

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Will it be told that the patriots of old weathered all assaults upon their dignity, rights and lives? Will it be known that peace was their hope when they went into the field to fight? And, will it be known that the blood anew sown on the land of liberty and light, was for the cause of law over might and wrong undone by right?  — Unknown

I included the piece at the top so as to illuminate that we have long been manipulated into a conflict that will serve to defame the reputation of the American patriot. The impetus to force us to act is from any number of nefarious actors. Some say China wants a weakened United States so that it will be easier to conquer. If China can get the people of the United States to wage war against each other, recognizing that the use of nuclear arms would be out of the question, they achieve the greatest Sun Tzu victory of not having to wage war at all, but to swoop in and commandeer the rubble left behind. Some say that internal communists are trying to manipulate the right into action, in order to secure a weaponless society that ensures that whoever survives will be subject to any and all draconian sanctions and even make white genocide feasible. 

I would not normally delve into these subjects had I not seen the proposals for such actions clearly spoken about by those in Congress; recognized there exists a Trump Voter List held by those in Congress; seen the rogue’s gallery of the dogmatically anti-white, anti-constitution cabinet being assembled by Joe Biden, (the beneficiary of vote fraud perpetrated on the nation) and seen the complete capitulation of law to a virus, basically the flu, that has a 99.93% survivable rate, or a .07% mortality rate.  

There is nothing left of legitimacy in the federal government, or many state governments (demonstrated by Covid mandates). Half of the voting nation has been identified as “domestic terrorists” which is exactly the sort of thing done by other governments that immediately (within a few months) preceded a genocidal act. This is history, not conjecture. I do not allude that it will happen, only that when constructing a monument to genocide, all of the keystones necessary are present in this current, illegitimate government. 

The Constitution of the United States of America, as written, provides for several circuit breakers to forestall internal conflict. One, is a set of rights that no government is allowed to violate as they are tenets of a free people, supposing that a free people have no cause to rebel. These rights have been trampled continuously and enthusiastically by Congress and the courts alike. 

The House is chosen every two years and is most responsible to the people for their actions. The purpose of this is to make the vote the quickest, easiest way to remove those who do not represent their constituents and limits their opportunity to abuse the trust before they are subject to re-election. But, as we have seen this circuit breaker has been continually tripped by national organizations that most often decide who is to run for these seats and then lays claim to their vote in the House, once the people had provided the formality of a vote.

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[…] All Peaceful Means — NC Renegades […]

1 month ago

As we get closer and closer to the crisis climax, the path of how we got here becomes more clear, which is that of a weak or weakened United States and pacification of the populace. Thinking back to 2007, the euphoria of the post 9-11-2001 conflicts was waning, energy prices, especially consumer gasoline, were skyrocketing, the local economies were imploding due to bad bets and over leveraged debts by companies holding these ‘sliced and diced’ home loans. We had just been through eight years of “Dubya”, who in retrospect is seen in a less than positive light.
Upon this backdrop, out of the ether comes a young, hip (he used a Blackberry -- oh how cool), black, junior senator from Illinois, that nobody had heard of prior who rockets his way to the top of the democrat party ticket. Any thinking person realizes that one does not go from obscurity to the White House unless powerful people are pulling the strings. Given the general dissatisfaction with the R party and the fact that in the next two elections they ran candidates that are excoriated by what today would be considered normal people but have also demonstrated their lack of morals and willingness to side with the communists, it is no wonder how the 2008 and 2012 elections went. One has to wonder if this was by design.
So, the apparatus got it’s puppet and put it’s plan “change you can believe in” to turn the nation communist into action. They thought they had they had it in the bag. Not only were they running Clinton 2.0, and we all know how popular Clinton 1 was, they had the election system rigged guaranteeing they would win. Given the line up of clown characters in the R party they probably would have, except two unexpected things happened. One they underestimated how revolting their candidate was to Normal People who saw the crime, corruption, and sleaze rather than the glitter. Two, Trump a bombastic character who managed to be the last man standing after the GOP tried to push one candidate after another to into the limelight hoping the people would select the choice proffered.
As a result, we received a four year reprieve of sorts under Trump. Not to rehash his whole presidency, suffice it to say one, that despite what I believe to be good intentions, the problem is much bigger than one man, or even a few can solve and two, he made many mistakes in whom he chose to surround himself and in keeping too much of the legacy swamp.
Consequently, we have the 2020 election and the subsequent circuit breaker tripping described in the article. The machine made sure it cheated to win and has no intentions of letting go. Having lost time and having been unmasked, it is proceeding with it’s communist conversion agenda as fast as it possibly can using every means and excuse possible.
Those paying attention will also note that the population is beyond divided but highly polarized and sees the other “side” as a less than human enemy that deserves punishment and that this is undoubtedly a result of the tools the same men that pushed Obama onto the stage used to destabilize other countries around the globe. Those tools are called Open Society 2.0 and Civil Society 2.0.
The people who have been through WW2 and the rise of communism in places like Russia have repeatedly warned us to never give up our guns, never allow ourselves to be disarmed for that is the last thing that can stop this monstrosity.