America Will See Its Worst Race Riot Yet This Summer

Yes, the George Zimmerman trial here has thousands of African-Americans getting ready for some serious bloodletting.

I don’t want to make idle and dire predictions but this nation has never been so divided and racially sensitive.  Our African-American President took sides on this case at the very beginning.  That ratified a George Zimmerman guilty verdict in the minds of millions.

There’s just one little problem, and that is the murder case should have never been filed.  It was filed purely for political reasons despite the fact that it was a simple justifiable homicide.

the Sanford Police Department. Martin did not like being followed and knew that he could easily beat up the out-of-shape Zimmerman and did so.

The force was unequal and Zimmerman was getting his head pounded on the concrete sidewalk.  Zimmerman was fighting for his life when he removed his Kel-Tec pistol and put a round into Martin’s chest.

The Sanford Police Department investigated the shooting and had no probable cause to arrest Zimmerman who regrettably cooperated with them fully.  They made no arrest.

The Leftist gun rights hating media and African-American agitators could not wait to exploit this sad story.  They used angelic pictures of Martin from his childhood and even broadcast doctored 911 tapes to make Zimmerman appear racist.

The propaganda fairy tale was so simple.  An unarmed youngster was merely skipping along in an apartment complex carrying tea and candy. The lad was suddenly murdered by an armed monster stalking him because of his skin color.


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8 years ago

Either way my family and I will not be venturing anywhere near the cities on the day the verdict is announced.