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Archbishop Gregori
5 years ago

Getting out the message and making over voices heard, or at least trying to, will not work against fascists, progressives, socialists, communists, etc. As much as those on the right do not like to hear it, sooner or later, physical force will have to and MUST be brought to bear against the leftist thugs. If not, the day comes when the leftists win and take total control. When that happens, it takes several generations, if ever, to remove them. It is better to stand up to them using physical force before they gain the strength to take over. If you don’t believe it, look to history for your proof: China, the former USSR, N. Korea, Cuba, Nazi Germany, just to name a few, come to mind. Look how long it took to rid Russia and Germany of Leftist control. China, N. Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, are still under the thumb of leftist scum. Wise up America.