Americans left behind enemy lines. Preppers left behind enemy lines.

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8 months ago

The neoconned blightwing wants folks to think these “left behind Muricans” are farm boys from Ohio. I want to see photos and videos of these people and not just one or two that have been specially selected for propaganda purposes. I have a hunch that most or all are Afghani green card holders or quickly papered “citizens” awarded for services rendered to the green-clad American gunslingers from Ohio or the embassy’ “Rainbow” crowd outta Los Angeles/NYC. The regime pulled a similar stunt with the Vietnamese when Saigon was evacuated.

Immigrant Family From San Diego Arrives Safely in US After Being Stuck in Afghanistan

Wanna bet they are green card holders or papered ‘Muricans?

  • At one point, there were at least 8 San Diego-area families stranded in Afghanistan during the Taliban’s violent takeover, all with children who go to school in the Cajon Valley Union School District in east San Diego County
  • The families had traveled separately to the country to visit extended family over the summer break but got stuck during the chaos of the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul

More Ohio farm boys must be sent to west Asia to save these valuable people!

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