An Ambassador Died, Obama Lied

As the Congressional hearings are held concerning the death of ambassador Stevens, the Obama administration, the State Department and UN Ambassador Rice have been exposed as liars to the American people and the world. Obama’s re-election campaign is in free fall and it appears that this election will be won decisively by Romney based on this administration’s actions in all areas. The consequences of the security failures, subsequent coverups and media abandonment of the president are now unfolding.

So what is next?

If the president is only a figurehead, then his puppet masters will react decisively. I pray that the president’s security is increased – now. An assassination of Obama at this time will bring civil unrest like this country has never witnessed before.

If the president is still in a position of control, then I expect one of two options to be implemented:

1. Institute civil unrest in the United States by false flags.

2. Increase military action to start World War III.

I will not speculate on possible scenarios that will only be useful for fear mongering. At this point, we are seeing the consequences power over leadership in Washington, D.C. I strongly suggest that everyone carefully watch and prepare for any situations that you personally feel are appropriate. And pray for our nation.

David DeGerolamo

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