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Individual and Team Live Fire and Force on Force Tactical Training

Max Velocity Tactical (MVT) has established a reputation on the leading edge of tactical live fire and force on force training. At MVT we are dedicated to developing and training tactical excellence at the individual and team level.

Max Velocity Tactical operates the Velocity Training Center (VTC) tactical and leadership training facility near to Romney West Virginia, where we provide training for US Special Operations Forces and Responsible Citizens.

Max Velocity Tactical classes utilize professional quality combat marksmanship, tactical and leadership training, in order to develop situational awareness, teamwork, leadership, decision making and communication.

How to train with Max Velocity Tactical

To review our class offerings, go to the Tactical Classes Page.

To review currently scheduled classes, go to the Training Calendar Page.

MVT will run private classes, either at your location or the Velocity Training Center (Romney, WV). Please contact us to set this up. We can also set up open enrollment classes at your private location should you wish.

Open Enrollment Classes at the VTC (Romney, WV): Several HEAT 1 Combat Tactics Classes will be scheduled over the training year. HEAT 1 Combat Tactics is our entry level class and is a great refresher class which many students attend over and over.

Other more advanced classes, listed on the Tactical Class page, will be organized once prospective students make the class minimums and agree on suitable dates. Use this link to the Student Class Scheduling forum. You’ll see a separate sub-forum for each one of the classes there. Once we get a reasonable number of students for a class, we’ll schedule it and post it on the Training Calendar. Sign up for the class and you’re good-to-go.

All open enrollment classes, once dates are set, will be added to the Training Calendar.

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