Anonymous Attack on Wall Street Fizzled

The much anticipated (by occupiers) attack on the NYSE from Anonymous was only able to impact traffic for two minutes in today’s trading. Trading was not affected and the “war” seemed to have been only a brief skirmish.

David DeGerolamo

Anonymous Briefly Disrupts Traffic to NYSE Site: Report

Online activist organization Anonymous reportedly disrupted traffic to the NYSE’s website briefly on Monday.

The Chicago Tribune said was sluggish and eventually unavailable between 3.35 p.m. and 3:37 p.m. The report also noted confirmation from a NYSE spokesman that trading had not been impacted.

The hacker activist group Anonymous had posted a YouTube video declaring a “war” against the New York Stock Exchange’s Web site on Columbus Day at 3:30 p.m. ET.


“On October 10th, NYSE shall be erased from the internet. On October 10th, expect a day that shall never ever be forgot… Wall Street, expect us,” the video said.

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