Appeasement Isn’t In Our Nature…

Aesop’s latest…

Election theft = war. 
No compromise. But we’ll accept your unconditional surrender.
The secret is out. If you’ll steal an election now, and get away with it, you’ll steal them forever. We’re not going to spend 4 years – or forever – learning to like the taste of sh*t sandwich.
But you will.
You called that tune. Time to pay the piper.

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5 months ago

Someone runs a race, like a marathon. He wins and is then set to receive a nicely embellished trophy.

He’s the winner…. Right ?

But right before the race officials declare the winner and publicly present the trophy in front of the assembled masses a slimy thief steals the trophy.

So who is the winner ???????

The thief or the actual race winner ???????

Remember your schooling? If there was an exam with 100 questions and a student cheated on just one question, what happened ??

Did he get a B or a C ?

No, he got an F !!!!

The Trumpeter won !! He did not cheat !!

Buy-dem cheated…. he gets an “ F”…..

Stealing an election by cheating, even if only one percent is by cheating is still cheating and cheaters FAIL !!

An “F” is for Failing to meet the standards…..

Buy-dem and Camel-Hore Who Is Not A Natural Born Citizen both FAIL !!!!!

5 months ago

Election Theft = War.
Amen. It is time, and it is time.