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Its doubtful in my estimation that they’ll be a solitary event that people look to as “the one” that brings it all down. More like a slow burn, we’re sliding into an unrecognizable state. But for most the underlying “event” in question is a monumental societal shift which threatens their existence: socially defined. For conservatives that might be a foreign invasion or no-knock warrants to seize guns. For liberals, it was the election of Donald Trump. And they’re doing something about it.

All of it is predicated on this idea of the absence of rule of law. Define that. You’re living without rule of law. And so are they. For the Left the Russia narrative was absolute truth despite the facts pointing to the contrary. For the Right its the fact that a criminal enterprise which infested the bureaucracy of the US government continues to exist. But for both parties, the rule of law is universally recognized to have failed. And that’s a dangerous predicament drawing parallels to to 1856. 

 But the danger lay with not knowing when to act; too soon, it fails, too late, it fails.

One thing is for certain- they are acting and they want you dead. They are doing. Its time to wake up. So, are there any questions?


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2 years ago

Indeed. Work on getting NVG equipped. Sell something but he who owns the night wins the day.

Rabbi Will
Rabbi Will
2 years ago


2 years ago

All I know for certain is I will live by God’s Law regardless what the “Law of the land” may descend into.