Assassination Threats on Romney?

The rule of law in the United States has degraded into class warfare: 47% vs 53%. We may not want to acknowledge that the people living off some type of government assistance may place “entitlements” over Liberty, but that is exactly what this election is about. Who is at fault? The teachers who do not teach American history and our founding principles to our children? The parents who also do not teach morality and founding principles to their children? The government whose policy is to transfer dependence of the people to the state in order to increase their power? Or just plain apathy?

It seems to me that it was not too long ago when the government at least enforced federal laws. Immigration laws under this administration have not only been ignored, federal lawsuits have been filed and acts of retribution carried out against Arizona. Fast & Furious, voter intimidation, the concept of passing legislation in order to see what is in it as well as a presidential kill list show that the rule of law is tenuous at best. A republic without the rule of law will collapse. Period.

One of the most troubling examples that we will ever see is the assassination threats against Mitt Romney if elected. One fact is certain: Obama has effectively divided the United States of America. Class envy, redistribution and unbridled government spending will all be listed as the causes of our nation’s collapse.  I wonder how many more hollow points rounds the government has purchased in addition to the 1.6 billion rounds that we know about?

David DeGerolamo

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9 years ago

The question is whether these twitter users will be investigated.

william Sterrett
william Sterrett
9 years ago

There needs to be investigation. Will it happen? Do we still live under the rule of law? In Liberty, Bill

Charles Burkholtz
9 years ago

We know for sure that if Holder bothers to investigate these crimes, only the white criminals will be prosecuted!!!