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The Farce of July

Please read it, share it, and remember that the truly revolutionary idea set forth by Mr. Jefferson and his allies was that government must be subordinate to a nation’s citizens. Read that Declaration written by Mr. Jefferson. Revolutionary then. Revolutionary … Continue reading

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Michael Yon Update

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Your Weekly Black Pill

Prepare accordingly …

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The Most Important Case No MSM Reports On

Why not vaccinate? Because the court has ruled that most of them DO NOT WORK. Once again, in our capitalist society, it’s all and only about the money and profits, not our health and safety. Another fine conspiracy theory proven … Continue reading

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The Great Reset: Again

History doesn’t always repeat, but when the same wealthy powers control governments over generations, they sometimes do. These people plan events far into the future and when one looks behind the curtain, one will see that very little occurs which … Continue reading

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The Speech That Military Recruiters Don’t Want You To Hear

To be clear, the desire to serve one’s country is noble, but we must first define “country.” Serving one’s country is entirely different from serving one’s government. They are not the same. Serving one’s country is serving one’s family, friends, … Continue reading

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To Avoid Nuclear War, Putin Needs to be a Little Crazier

Marse Robert was correct. I’m a fan of connecting dots in order to discern potential eventualities. Mike Whitney has done an excellent job of posting the dots on the white board for all to see. It seems the Western Powers … Continue reading

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The Mentally Retarded

Watch the video. Pretty humorous. Especially the facial expressions. h/t WRSA

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We Think We Know …

John B. Wells, former host of Coast to Coast AM and host of Caravan to Midnight once said, “We think we know, but we don’t.” Almost all Christians believe, as I once did, that the reestablishment of Israel in 1948 … Continue reading

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The Crimes of Nuremberg

Bardèche foresaw a future ruled by an international economic elite, that undermines nations, demonizes nationalism and civilian pride in nationality with no guarantees or respect for rights, and the political enforcement of laws against offenders who do not agree with … Continue reading

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WWIII Here Now?

Iranian President’s Helicopter down. Congo coup attempt. Attempted assassination of Slovak Prime Minister. Things are getting spicy.

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Facts in Poetry

h/t WRSA

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Constitution of No Authority

I’ve always been a great adherent of the US Constitution just as, I imagine, most of you reading this are. I just stumbled over the writing of Lysander Spooner. If he is correct in his understanding, it would explain a … Continue reading

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The Roundtable – Barbarian Village

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