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Dr. Hodkinson Interview – COVID-19 Vaccines, Infertility & Spike Protein Dangers

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BREAKING! Recordings of Moderna Representative Making HORRIFIC Admission About Jab

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Got Guns and Ammo? Joe Biden Plans Speech to Blame Guns for Rise in Violent Crime

Joe Biden will deliver a speech Wednesday that will blame gun ownership for a dramatic rise in violent crime in America’s major cities. White House press secretary Jen Psaki previewed Biden’s upcoming address during the daily press briefing on Monday. “The President … Continue reading

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Tucker: Brace yourselves, climate lockdowns are coming″,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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How Does It End?

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Bannon Blasts Pathological Liar Fauci And Why He Has Many Dark Days Ahead Of Him

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M&S Launches Lingerie ‘Inspired by George Floyd’”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Democrat PAC Founder Says its OK For White People To Be Executed In The Street For Trolling People”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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What’s Wrong with America and the Second Amendment”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Lone Ranger: Dr. Peter McCullough Interview”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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The “Vaccine” Magnetic Phenomenon Was Warned About By This Doctor In 1995 – You Won’t Believe What He Said It Would Do

Nearly three decades ago, a French doctor warned the world of “vaccines” that would contain liquid crystals that when exposed to magnetic frequencies would turn the recipients of those “vaccines” into “zombies.” Is There A Connection Between 5G, The Vaxx … Continue reading

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Screaming Into The Wind”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9

You ever feel alone in your beliefs? I often do. Seems not a day goes by lately that I don’t get the, “you’re crazy” look when discussing current affairs. It seems as though I am screaming into the wind. Either … Continue reading

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I’m Getting Fired If I Don’t Get The COVID-19 Vaccine!”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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A victory against tyranny – May Christ be praised”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Man Tells School Board: “If You Force The Vaccine On Our Kids, It Will Be 1776 All Over Again!”

h/t FreeNorthCarolina

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