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Dual Justice System”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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I don’t understand.”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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we will NOT survive this.”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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With a Firm Reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence

This popped up in my memories today and I thought it deserved a visit again: We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude … Continue reading

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This is malicious”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Western civilisation is crumbling before our very eyes”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Tyranny Is Just A Way Of Life Now. It Should Be An Intolerable Situation!

I hope everyone has been doing well. I have been extremely busy with my children. Coaching Baseball, Softball and helping run the Little League in general. I’m glad that I have these things to do with my kids. It takes … Continue reading

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Many are speculating that a final and catastrophic CRASH is coming for the banks…”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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The Militia vs. The Government
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BREAKING NEWS: Biden To Sign Anti-2A Executive Order TODAY!”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Biden REFUSES To Answer Questions On Bank Collapse, Zuckerberg Says ECONOMY IS FAILING, Fires 10k”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Language Warning: War Inside the United States”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Biden: Nothing To Worry About…″,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9

Getting Interesting…..

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Dear Conservatives, I Apologize

by: Dr. Naomi Wolf My “Team” was Taken in By Full-Spectrum Propaganda There is no way to avoid this moment. The formal letter of apology. From me. To Conservatives and to those who “put America first” everywhere. It’s tempting to … Continue reading

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