Beto: There Will Be ‘Other Consequences’ for Those Who Don’t Turn In Their Guns

And again, Beto said so directly and is even selling T-shirts emphasizing his pointGive up your guns or, if I’m President, I will order members of the government to murder 15 million Americans — which is approximately how many law-abiding Americans own AR-15s today.  Kamala Harris has also directly threatened to commit mass-murder and she, unlike Beto, is a sitting Senator.

Of course that evil plan won’t work out so well if the people he intended to murder were equally matched with those who were going to do the murdering.  That is the entire point of the 2nd Amendment which protects a pre-political right to life —  for this reason the people always have the right to keep and bear firepower approximately equal or even superior to that of those who would murder them, including but not limited to agents of the government.

Yes, I know, the government has nukes, tanks and howitzers.  Do you really think they’d use any of them in a city or, for that matter, on your house?

Don’t be stupid and fall for the left’s bullcrap.

One final time — it’s quite clear folks. The left’s intent to disarm the citizens to any degree is for one purpose and one purpose only — they intend to murder you and they have the tools to do it with too, which makes their threat credible.

What is your response, America?


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1 year ago

“Beto: There Will Be ‘Other Consequences’ for Those Who Don’t Turn In Their Guns”

And there WILL be “consequences” for those who try to take them -- rest assured!
Just sayin’…

Sayedna Gregori
1 year ago

Lets get three of things clear “Beto” and Kamala. First of all you cannot order law abiding citizens to turn in their fire arms, it would be unconstitutional. Second, the government cannot “buy back” something which they never sold in the first place. Third, and this is for you Kamala, you have NO constitutional right to even be running for the Office of President or Vice-President because you ARE NOT a “Natural born Citizen”, because neither of your parents were citizens of the U.S. at the time of your birth. To be a natural born citizen, BOTH of your parents MUST be citizens of the U.S. at the time of your birth, not five years later. They did not become citizens until you were about five years old. To both of you mental midgets, go ahead and try to take our guns, and this country will blow up in your face.

1 year ago

Actually yes I believe they would ude a howitzer or smart bomb or nuke or bunker buster or sniper or . well anything that they think would do the job ! . don’t think so ? The cops in Dallas used a bomb disposal drone loaded with c4 . the FBI in Waco used tanks . the FBI in ruby ridge used snipers . all on citizens of this country. So yes they would use anything that they could imagine against a person or group of persons that was deemed deplorable.

Laurence Conklin
Laurence Conklin
1 year ago

There will, no doubt be consequences. We are prepared to face them, and deal with them as necessary. Are you?

1 year ago

Rest assured, the left won’t allow themselves to pay consequences for anything they perpetuate. Their arrogance won’t allow it.
Imagine their shock when they realize that things didn’t/don’t go their way…bwahahahaha