Biden transition steps up small-dollar fundraising outreach

Biden transition steps up small-dollar fundraising outreach

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team is stepping up its outreach to small-dollar donors in an effort to offset a lack of funds from the Trump administration as it refuses to recognize Biden’s victory.

In a rare email to the list the Biden campaign used to hit up supporters during the presidential contest, the transition specifically cited the General Services Administration’s (GSA) refusal to ascertain Biden as the president-elect, a legal certification that would provide both government cooperation and money to the transition, in their plea for small-dollar support.

“The Administrator of the General Services Administration is refusing to sign a document called the ascertainment letter, which recognizes the apparent winner of the election, allows the incoming president-elect’s team to begin the process of transition of power, and green-lights the coordination of the government with the incoming team,” the transition said. “This is all because Donald Trump’s team would rather stick with partisan politics than do what’s right.”



I do not understand why Joe Biden does not ask his Communist Chinese Party handlers for more money. Maybe he forgot or maybe he stashed that money for himself. Maybe the CCP knows that the coup has been exposed and are evaluating their loses.

David DeGerolamo

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5 months ago

Good idea David. He should go to the people that he wants to serve. Not only that but, the vote has not been certified in all states. Doesn’t this mean he is not president elect? Why is he allowed access to top secret information? The left started this shit storm over 3.5 years ago.

5 months ago

I will be glad to donate money, to help buy enough Rope to hang all of the TRAITORS with,I’m sure that we will need a tractor trailer load. Starting with that Child of SATAN,Obama.