Blackrock Whistleblower Who Predicted The Crash of Moderna Breaks Bombshell Information

Edward Dowd of @DowdEdward joins The Alex Jones Show to break down evidence of fraudulent clinical data along with the plunge in Big Pharma stocks. Dowd also delivers groundbreaking analysis on how globalists operate.

Watch the interview here…

This is an impressive interview and worth the time. In summary, the fraud is massive and worldwide. The prepetrators have nowhere to run, and will triple down. They will become very dangerous as this happens.

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9 months ago

Covid background research: almost all governments that are cracking down on covid have leaders and/or cabinet members who are alumni of the WEF Young Leaders program.

Citizen Joe
Citizen Joe
9 months ago

Good interview. But…..Dowd acknowledges that the government regulators and enforcers are corrupt. Then he says the people must force corrupt politicians to turn on their corrupt benefactors. He still thinks there is a political/voting cure for this. Big mistake. I hope he figures out his mistake real soon. There isn’t much time.