Boots on the Ground…Sept. 8th…Most people are going backwards financially

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Citizen Joe
Citizen Joe
1 year ago

Low income people know all about sliding backwards. Retired people on fixed incomes know all about sliding backwards. Lower middle class people know all about sliding backwards. It’s not over yet. It’s only beginning. They call it the Great Reset. Destroy everyone’s way of life. Then build back better. Problem. The politicians pushing for this, hate us. Figure they’ll destroy everything and watch most of us die off. Then they’ll take what they want and leave the scraps to the survivors. Act accordingly.

1 year ago

On your new power line. Good planning on having a second water line! Keep up the good work! Thanks!

We have two water lines to the house with valves to switch them, so I can make repairs at my leisure. We also have two installed water pumps, as well as two chlorine pumps. Redundancy is an important key to survival and comfort!

If you didn’t dig up the old power line, you can use it for 12V solar power or even 120V, unless all three lines are shorted. On my solar 12V lines I try to have at least five times the rated current capacity to reduce line losses from resistance, and that is with copper.