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This Is Great
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Breaking News… Egg farm on fire…One large coop destroyed…Damage continues to our food supply”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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The Example of William Wilberforce as a Way Forward

After the mid-term elections and what is being dubbed the “red trickle”, many conservatives are experiencing the frustration expected. Inflation is at the highest levels in a half century, and we are in a recession with no seeming end. The … Continue reading

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#DirectedEvolution TAKES THE WORLD BY STORM!!”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9

So what will it take? We know that COVID-19 was released from the laboratory in Wuhan that was partially funded by the United States. We know that the governments around the world used this pandemic to control the people, inoculate … Continue reading

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Boots on the Ground…Jan 27th…City or country… Crime will find you so be proactive not reactive″,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9

Starting at minute 14:35, a report concerning the Andrews, NC airport.

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World Health Organization urges countries to stockpile critical medicine for nuclear war.”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Never Trust A Cop″,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Ignore the White Noise

The United States has been going bankrupt gradually since the Johnson administration. There is no need to discuss this further: people either know how much the country is in debt or they are unwilling to hear the truth. The Hemingway … Continue reading

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Tucker Opener Being Censored”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Justice or Firing squad?”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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F-15 Friday

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A Dollar Collapse Is Now In Motion – Saudi Arabia Signals The End Of Petro Status

By Brandon Smith The decline of a currency’s world reserve status is often a long process rife with denials. There are numerous economic “experts” out there that have been dismissing any and all warnings of dollar collapse for years. They … Continue reading

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Pfizer Director Assaults James O’Keefe And Veritas Staff
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How a HORRIFIC COVID mask dispute led to this woman’s DEATH”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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This is nuts and no one seems to care″,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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