Children Learn What They’re Taught, by Robert Gore

Many millennials embrace Marxism. So do their parents and grandparents.

From the millennials’ abilities will supposedly flow the wherewithal to fund “needs”: their elders‘ entitlements, debt, and ever-expanding blob of a government. Horror of horrors, polls and studies indicate that many millennials are embracing Marxism: they want somebody to fund their “needs”! Where did they learn this nonsense?

It must be those left-wing, snowflake sanctuary, social justice warrior haven, gender-bending colleges and their washed up Marxist professors. This is America, where everyone stands on their own two feet. That’s not how they were reared!


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3 years ago

Not just colleges. The K-12public schools have become more leftist over the past 40 years. I️ saw it and fought it as a teacher. Started with the premise that everything has to be FAIR. Everybody got a trophy. Achievement awards were discontinued. Social promotion. Grade padding. Elevation of “positive self esteem” above all else. Team Learning. Group assignments with everybody’s getting the same grade. Flexible deadlines. No absolutes. Grade sharing.
Now we have the ultimate in Marxist Education—- COMMON CORE!