China’s Secret Human Animal Hybrid Experiments

China is conducting secret Frankenstein-style human-animal hybrid experiments creating super viruses, human-monkey hybrids, human head transplants on monkeys and pigs, gene-editing babies, super soldiers etc. Most of these experiments are exported out of western countries since they were shutdown in the west due to heavy criticism.

In order to emerge as a biotech superpower, China is planning to build up to seven more high security labs – the same as the Wuhan Institute of Virology by 2025.

An official from the US embassy in Beijing told the Washington Post that there was an “entire galaxy of activity, including labs and military labs in Beijing and Wuhan playing around with coronaviruses in ACE2 mice in unsafe labs.”

Chinese scientists are known to have been carrying out research to make the viruses more infectious.

Such experiments were originally banned in the US in 2014 – but were reintroduced by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 2017.

The research was conducted to prepare the world to fight against such pandemic. But it also had a risk of virus leak from the labs.

NIH had funded this dangerous research in the WIV through a grant to the EcoHealth Alliance.

Dr Wiesendanger told The Sun Online a virus created or modified within the lab could be even more devastating than Covid – potentially with a death rate of up to 80 per cent (emphasis mine).

He said: “Current biotechnological methods, as used in gain-of-function-experiments, could potentially be used to combine properties of viruses with a very high human-to-human transmission rate and a very high death rate.”

“We urgently need international regulations and surveys for these types of experiments.”

Read the entire article here…

This information has been posted on many sites of questionable sources. I was not interested in posting this until I had what I believed to be a much more reliable resource. Now I do.

It was Great Game India that first released the information that the CCP Virus was indeed a man-made bioweapon in January of 2020. This information was questioned and ridiculed by every major media outlet. Now we know (and have known for some time) that it was true. This just makes it even more evident that the CCP is dangerously out of control, and the entire world, not just our own collapsing country, is at risk of extinction.

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5 months ago

I have said from the beginning, when it was known, that the science showed this SARS-CoV2 was created by genetically inserting the PRRA sequence into the S1-S2 protein region, and not a mutation, that China needed to pay the price for unleashing a bio weapon. Doesn’t matter if it was intentional or accidental, they used weapons of mass destruction on the world and should be removed from the world as a result.

Wes Rhinier
5 months ago
Reply to  Matt

Hear, Hear!!!!!

5 months ago
Reply to  Matt

Yes sir! Makes me wonder what the hell they have that is SO strong?
With all these countries that were attacked by this, why would China not be getting the hell bombed out of them…? Not enough oil there…smh ANYONE ELSE, WE WOULD HAVE BEEN AT WAR! You know this and I know this.
Wait until they mix with this Ebola going around….80% might be accurate!

5 months ago

As in the days of Noah.

Larry Davis
Larry Davis
5 months ago

All the rejected failures in the hybridization experiments grew up to be U.S. democrats, without functioning cause and effect genes.

5 months ago

Biowarfare Research is being conducted by Every Nation capable of doing so. The U.S. is No Exception, yet there is No One complaining about that. Any number of Labs in the U.S. are at risk for “accidental release” of these Weapons. Deliberate Release, by the simple expedient of Crashing a Plane into the Lab could be done by “Outside Actors”.

As for a “Bioweapon with an 80% Kill Rate, well, sure, if it can effectively be Distributed. Like say, by calling it a “vaccine”. The natural spread of a Disease is materially slowed by its own ‘effectiveness’, because the Faster more people Die from it, the less Contact individuals have with each other.

Also, Diseases that Kill Quickly also begin to genetically “deadline” themselves, as the less-effective Germs or Viruses can spread better due to larger numbers of Survivors. This process continues until a Stable Rate of Infection/Deaths is established, as with the Cold and Flu.

The ‘coronascam’ was NO ‘pandemic’. Lies about high Transmissiblity and Death Rates were just that, Lies. The need to Stop Reporting any Flu Deaths was the Key; anyone who has Died of ANY Respiratory Illness is automatically labeled a “Coronavirus Victim”