Italy Facing Massive Wave of Illegal Immigration

(The LocalItaly’s lower house gave the green light to a draft bill that would decriminalize illegal immigration Wednesday, hours after the navy rescued 730 migrants adrift off its southern coast.

The bill, which must go before Rome’s Senate before it becomes law, is part of a government drive to reduce prison overcrowding.  Italy’s Centres for Identification and Expulsion (CIEs) detention facilities have come under criticism for the conditions in which immigrants are kept and the long periods they are held there.  Last year the European Court of Human Rights ruled that overcrowding violates the basic rights of inmates in Italy’s jails.

Last month, close to 4,500 migrants were rescued over three days, according to the International Organisation of Migration.  The latest arrivals were picked up by the landing platform dock San Giorgio and patrol ship Vega and were being transported to Porto Empedocle on the coast of the Strait of Sicily, the navy said in a statement.

“The rescues were necessary due to the overcrowding of the boats that compromised their buoyancy,” it said.


The social, economic, and public heath risks associated with such unregulated immigration will only hasten the end of the Eurozone experiment.  Unfortunately, the impact will be felt well beyond Europe, including here in the US.  Sweden, Britain, and France are already overrun with refugees/immigrants, many of whom are illegal – the implications of laws and court orders which reinforce their “right” to enter the EU illegally, and then obtain social welfare benefits as though they are citizens are endless, and none are good.

The majority of these “immigrants” have nothing to offer to European society to offset the effects of their arrival in large numbers – no job skills, little or no ability to speak any of the European languages, and very little will to work.  What they do bring are their diseases, their immediate needs for food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare, and a social outlook vastly different from that of their host nation(s).

Unfortunately, a precedent has been set, and is now being reinforced.  When Europe can no longer accept these immigrants (illegal or otherwise), where will they go?  If the UN has anything to say about it, the US may soon be receiving the overflow from these poorly considered immigration policies instituted across Europe.

“Open Borders” and “multi-culturalism” are indeed weapons of mass destruction, as anyone who has witnessed the massive surges of rape, robbery, and other crimes in England and Sweden since they “loosened” their immigration policies can attest.

Every nation has an obligation to control its borders, in order to maintain the stability of its society, and the continuity of its economy.  Nations who violate this aspect of natural law do so at their own risk.


~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to death

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