The Answer is NO: The Country Will Never Come Together Again

Pat Buchanan Asks: “Can America Ever Come Together Again?”

What Clinton, Cuomo and Obama spilled out reveals what is really behind the cultural and ideological wars of America today.

Most media elites accept the historic indictment – that before the Progressives came, this country was mired in racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia, and that its history had been a long catalog of crimes against indigenous peoples, Africans brought here in bondage, Mexicans whose lands we stole, migrants, and women and gays who were denied equality.

The people who cheer Trump believe the country they inherited from their fathers was a great, good and glorious country, and that the media who detest Trump also despise them.



And the blame for the division of the United States that will destroy the country from within rests squarely on the side consisting of the Deep State and their propaganda arm of the media.

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to The Answer is NO: The Country Will Never Come Together Again

  1. mtnforge says:

    A relative question: do we the dirt people even want after all the failures of checks and balances never mind the garrantee of republican form of government which only applies when it suits the deep states interests, never mind the incredible systematic violation of our inalienable Bill of Rights, do we want to, are we dumb enough to, trust that piece of fetid parchment, the instrument of administrative tyranny and centralized raw naked power, the US Constitution, again???

    Don’t know about all my fellow Americans out there, but that boat left a long time ago even though the great awakening is just now lighting the path to true liberty and freedom which excludes The State and its ceaseless insatiable thirst for wealth & tyranny.

    There is the growing awareness there’s going to be a fight.
    Why not makes this our finest hour?
    Join the honorable resistance.
    The honorable resistance is out there, it’s waiting for you. Change your thinking, learn new skills, learn new trades and craftwork, home school, grow your own, pay less taxes, learn less is more, discover the economy of living free self determining life, train in the Martial Arts, get right with a higher power, live to leave more than you take, teach your children well in free thinking, make your own, barter, trade, be generous to others by understanding what they need and you can give and generosity returns this largess, all the while you help to build tribe and create small unified community.
    If we are once again a culture of craftsmen, artists, farmers, cobblers, blacksmiths, miners, community Doctors, fishers, woodsmen, large families, learn humility faith prudence and providence, how to defend our own in our ways in our own small communities and precincts, no elites or tyrants, no politicos or organized crime, mandarins corrupt officials etc, the whole stinking lot of this human garbage have any power over us.
    No Power.
    Because we refuse to comply.
    Because we refuse to give our consent in any form including tacit.
    This comes naturally to the honorable resistance.

    And if you would say such resistance is fruitless, futile, impossible, well it is beginning with you it sure is guaranteed not to happen. And you can not grok the fundamental power and audacity of saying “MYOB!”, and “I Won’t!”, nor the motive power of Because Fuck You That’s Why.

    We lived as such before and after the greatest act of defiance called The American Revolution. It’s reverberations of resistance still echo down to today. Is there anything that makes us as proud of who we are, what we are than that?

    I know none. But I like the idea of creating one even better.

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