Venezuela Burning

Venezuela is immolating itself, right now – hyperinflation is rampant, shortages of food and every other necessity are now a normal and ongoing conditions, violent crime is everywhere, kidnaping for profit is skyrocketing, and there are more murders per-capita per-month in Caracas than anywhere else in the world.

And the worst of the news is two-fold –

  1. they have not nearly reached bottom yet, and
  2. conditions are rapidly progressing towards this same cataclysmic outcome throughout South America and many other regions of the world.

While neither the Unites States nor Europe has manifested most of these outward signs of collapse as yet, the same underlying causes are eating away at our economy and our society, and thus we have a bit more time to prepare.  But the end for our society is inevitably the same – economic and social collapse – because we have lead the world into godless and self-destructive practices; economically, socially and morally, and in every other fashion.

That we have lead the way to destruction, and yet shall suffer the consequences last, is not a paradox – for when we started down this path to destruction we were the richest among the nations, both in commerce and in virtue.  Therefore, we have the furthest to fall; but we are indeed falling… and quickly.

And as Christ has taught us, the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.
But He shall Judge all…


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8 Responses to Venezuela Burning

  1. ToneDeaf says:

    It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.

  2. Mark says:

    And feeling the Bern along the drop!

  3. Tim Benner says:

    Where is Sean Penn. The hollywood crusader. Oh, right. He thinks he knows a great Socialism that will work for mankind. Yes, Sean, their is one. It is in Star Trek. And all the people work.

  4. Philip says:

    this is what a LIBERAL Democratic Marxist Bolshevik party breeds, it a murdering body politic cult. sounds like the democratic party here in the U.S. and the Obama demoniac minions. this is the show place of every democrat in the U.S. look and listen people, because this is where the U.S. is almost at now. sounds like the CIA , NSA as well as Obamas illiterate Keynesian economics are destroying a once prosperous nation.

  5. gman says:

    ” we have lead the world into godless and self-destructive practices; economically, socially and morally, and in every other fashion.”

    actually, you may want to take a good look at exactly who is leading who into what. I think you’ll find it isn’t “we” at all -- except insofar as we permit it, of course ….

    • LT says:

      Gman, I understand your dissent to being encompassed by this blame, and I used to share it. But time and perspective have shown me that I am guilty to the extent that I have consented to their actions on my behalf… as are we each and all. Thus a child is not yet complicit in the sin… but even the young adult bears a small bit of the guilt, to whatever extent they have not examined the goodness of the premises upon which they live.

      And assuredly, that guilt grows as we age, if we are not actively repudiating those evils which our leaders parade before us ***in some effective way***. And of course, the guilt still applies if we decry those evils with our words, but are hypocites with our time and our money…i.e. working for a corrupt business, or investing in a rigged stock market.

      please see my explanation of how we got here --
      and understand that, when Judging nations, God does not distinguish between those things done only by the leaders, and those things done by the majority among the polity itself. Because if the “leaders” are run so far afoul, it can only be because the people at large have ceased to hold them accountable, or because we silently agree with what they do on our behalf. There are no other explanations.

      Thus is America guilty of these things -- not just as a nation; but each of us, individually, for whatever real measure of consent (or disinterest) we have manifest to permit (or even promote) these evils.

      • Philip says:

        the people have received the government they voted for either by the ballot box or by fraud, either way it was with the consent of the American people and the body politic. the American people do not know what its like to live under a fascist dictatorship, but my family has and the American people are in for a rude awakening, Gods judgement is falling on a godless nation, run by evil godless people. even the godless wont be safe.

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