Connect the Dots?


There is no hiding the fact there is prediction of considerable public unrest when the day comes the US cannot meet its promised obligations to its citizens.

The US government is letting the American people know it has black hawk helicopters and drones that can fly over the US. The US Military has already conducted drills in Boston, Los Angeles and Miami under the guise of preparation against terrorist attacks. Intimidation and fear are already being programmed into the population.

In January the Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point released a study Tuesday warning against American “far right” groups including the “anti-federalist” movement and strong limited government activists.

Dated March 8, 2013, the Daily Mail article describes a US Army Special Forces unit that had cancelled plans to conduct an exercise in Utah where infiltrators would be employed to “tame an indigenous population.” The exercise may be re-scheduled next year.

An Army colonel explained that: “Utah is unique because it was founded with a religious background that can present some ‘cultural norms’ unfamiliar or unique so as to cause the soldiers to adjust their points of view in order to complete the mission; similar to what the forces might encounter in other countries.”

This is not the only such US Army Special Forces exercise of its kind. A similar exercise is now underway in North Carolina using troops from Fort Bragg.

The exercise would target the fictional country of Pineland which encompasses 15 counties in North Carolina. During this exercise, these future Special Forces Soldiers “will infiltrate areas in small groups and train guerilla forces to independently and effectively use tactical force to liberate Pineland,” says a published report.

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Michael Johnston
Michael Johnston
8 years ago

Special Forces conduct FID (Foreign Internal Defense) and UW (Unconventional Warfare) around the world. In order to learn this lesson during Phase 3 SOF candidates conduct an exercise in NC against a fictional country (Pineland) and have been doing this exercise for decades. It’s called TRAINING….just a guess but I don’t imagine you know many current SOF dudes. If you think any of them will conduct combat operations against Americans you don’t know our SOF Soldiers.


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