Deadly Quiet Conversations – T.L. Davis

TLDavisThere are conversations taking place all over America. They are not being screamed from the mountain tops, they are being whispered from one end of the nation to the other.

The Marxists have decided that Sandy Hook Elementary is a good enough reason to go ahead with the gun confiscation model used by totalitarian governments the world over. Senators, Governors, Representatives and the President have all come out to warn us that they are coming. How they come and how hard are the only questions left to be answered. We know who is proposing gun confiscation, or registration in preparation for confiscation. They are not shy about it with the media behind them, encouraging their treasonous acts.

What they don’t hear is a hue and a cry about it from the average citizen. This is largely their reason for their bold announcements. But in the corners of the nation men are preparing their wives and families for the day they don’t come home. Brothers are making plans to resist on familiar ground. Cops are talking to neighbors and each other. Servicemen and women are talking amongst themselves in lowered tones. Sheriffs and their deputies are talking, making plans and calculations as to when to draw that hard line.


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8 years ago

In his recent post “Deadly Quiet Conversations, a fellow blogger and patriot, T.L.Davis talks about what is happening in every corner of America and from people on both sides of the issue. Its hard to imagine how anyone with reason and intellect can be speaking out for further gun-control but they are, in droves. Just shows how many brain-dead koolaid-drinkers there are these days. It also shows just how far the Cold War Stalinist have come in their quest to destroy America.