Definition: SUBVERT

[1] : to overturn or overthrow from the foundation : ruin

[2] : to pervert or corrupt by an undermining of morals, allegiance, or faith

Why provide the definition of this term here and now ?

Because very soon you must either accept Islam, pay tax as an infidel, or die.

There is no other option.  Open your eyes to the evil of the Democrat Party.

The Democratic National Committee is raising a number of eyebrows after announcing that it will be hosting Islamic “Jumah” prayers for two hours on the Friday of its convention, soon after denying a cardinal’s request to say a prayer at the same event.

Democratic National Convention to Host Islamic Jumah Prayers with Jibril Hough, Siraj Wahhaj

(Photo: Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs)

 Their jummah (group) prayer is…about empowering their Islamist and MB sympathetic groups into the very fabric of the political system so that Americans become anesthetized.

Full Story at THE BLAZE

 The Democrat Party has long subverted the principles upon which this country was built.

The Democrat Party has now aligned itself with Islam.

Islam is incompatible with Judeo-Christian morality.

Islam will not tolerate Individual Liberty.

The choice is clear … you must submit … or die.

The Democrat Party has made its decision to submit.

They want us to submit or die.

Hell No !  I will NOT submit and I will not die quietly.

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9 years ago

Decisions. Decisions. The Democrats cannot decide if they want a race war or a Holy war.

9 years ago


DemSpokesPerson: “Why not do both?”

9 years ago

I like this. o’bama has showed his hand. All this crap about women, insurance, race, abortion immagration and gay marriage and all the other junk that has been used as distractors has just faded. Now the real issue has come to the fore. I believe any one that calls themself a Christian cannot vote for anyone in the democratic party and say they believe in what the Bible says. Now I believe any one that says they are an American and believes in the Constituton can vote for the democrat s and their platform. I see now just how much pelosi, reed, and biden have sold their souls for their personnel agenda and wealth.
Himler said, “the bigger the lie, the more often told, the more people will believe it”. Who will believe the lie?The lie is that o’bama is president of the USA and leagely qualified to be our president. If you don’t support o’bama then you must vote him out. We may not be happy with the other choice but at least it’s not a muslim.
In God we trust is still on the currency. And as for me, give me Liberty or give me death.
Why has the DHS ordered 1.2 billion rounds of ammo? things are going to get crazy in November……………

Laura Schrand
Laura Schrand
9 years ago

Prepare, prepare, prepare. The less you depend on the gov’t, the more your chances for survival.

9 years ago

I agree it’s prepare, prepare, prepare. Prepare means more than ammo. Many people are in a place where they think of preparing as a bug out bag. Where are they going? Good luck getting out on conjested roads and into country sides where they will be considerd a burden or a threat. If at all possible the city and burb dwellers need to get out now or have a arranged place to go. Prepare means be of a worth where you would like to go, don’t just plan on going …somewhere. For the rest of us that already are preparing a place to be or are where we live now don’t get fooled by the marketers. Use your head, consult those that have lived “the way” growing up and consider non new market web sites. Non electric, LDS site and Mother Earth are good places to look into. The last place to look for help is from the government. Don’t let them be aware of you. FEMA is not a friend.