Destroy the Tea Party

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It did not take too long to see what will be driving the next media news cycle to distract the people from the disastrous rollout of Obamacare : destroy the Tea Party. What most people do not understand is that the media has (and continues) to vilify anyone who supports the Constitution and the rule of law. Fiscal responsibility is not to be admired but attacked by even those who relish in their “conservative” label.

Basic self-evident truths that patriotic Americans (not only Tea Party members) espouse are the greatest danger to the “leaders” in Washington, D.C. So here is a simple test, contact a “conservative” acquaintance who still believes in the Republican Party and ask for their opinion of what the Tea Party represents. The consensus will be that the Tea Party represents domestic terrorists who are trying to bring down the country. Then ask them why they believe this to be true. Then explain how propaganda works on the feeble minded.

Why must the Tea Party and patriots be destroyed? We are the only vestige of Liberty standing up to the complete implementation of tyranny. And based on the legislation passed to continue spending unabated, tyranny is winning.

David DeGerolamo

Pyrrhic Victory:

The term is used as an analogy in fields such as business, politics, and sports to describe struggles that end up ruining the victor.

The Tea Party’s Pyrrhic Victory

Say this for Tea Party Republicans: They don’t back down. No apologies for triggering a partial shutdown of the federal government, then refusing to raise the debt ceiling without concessions. Condemnation rains down on them from the White House, from foreign capitals, from public opinion polls, but the Tea Party rages on.


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