Does the Government Want Us to Buy Guns?

Most folks who adhere to the Second Amendment have panicked over the declaration by the President that a ban is imminent. Made me wonder why so many folks would go out and purchase an assault rifle for $1,000 that they knew would be subject to confiscation. Either they are mentally challenged or they don’t intend to give up the weapon without using it.

Then, I reasoned, it looks as if the governments plan to disarm us has backfired. But in an email sent to Urban Survival and reproduced on that site today, it seems there may be another potential angle I’d not considered. Here is the email content:

“But of all the email so far, this fine example of contrary-wise thinking from reader John H up in Ohio really brings up some interesting questions…” George Ure

“Never take your eyes off of the magician’s hands………..

He (Obama) could have stopped no background check gun shows with an Executive Order the day after he was re-elected or the day after the school tragedy……but he didn’t.

He could have stopped online gun purchases and ammo purchases with an Executive Order the day after he was re-elected or the day after the school tragedy……but he didn’t.

He could have stopped the massive tidal wave of post tragedy gun purchases with an Executive Order…..but he has not. Instead….he makes comments about how the gun culture must change.. and change “soon”…

He establishes a committee, with Joe Biden in charge (seriously), and tells everyone that he will give them A MONTH to come up with “actionable ideas”….

But what has he really done?

He has fabricated a totally illusory “market shortage” by declaring that there will be some date “very soon” where there will be “dramatic changes” to the “despicable gun culture” in America.

Can you say “Oh my God…we have to go to the store RIGHT NOW and buy a buy a box of Twinkies because they won’t make them anymore…EVER!!!!”

I don’t even like Twinkies anymore but you bet you’re tail I beat it down to the local Hostess store to buy a few boxes “just in case” (they were all sold out….I guess all of that supply/demand BS was actually on target). What the heck was I thinking?

Anyway…..the point is….our fearless leader purposely created a situation which has guaranteed that the maximum number of weapons and the maximum amount of ammunition is now distributed out amongst the citizenry. Now, anyone from the most sophisticated collector down to the local village idiot now has, supposing they wanted one (or fifteen) in the first place, a gun. Same for ammo…want 50 rounds? You had the chance to get it. Wanted 20,000 rounds? Ditto. The window is still open, too.

The government, for some reason that they have yet to share with us, wants the citizens of this country to be armed to the teeth. The government could not have generated this type of private citizen weapon and ammo stockpiling even if they said “the Russians AND the Chinese will both attack us on January 30, 2013”.

Instead….it was “I will implement whatever gun control plan Joe Biden comes up with by the end of January”….

I am not sure we should be worried about the government trying to take away our guns in the near future. Perhaps, to the contrary, we should be wondering why they so effectively “led” us into becoming the most highly armed and stockpiled citizenry in history….. Kinda makes you think….what’s really coming our way?? “

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LT (@lt)
8 years ago

I can’t prove that the above offered premise is incorrect…but at the same time I strongly doubt that it is the case. I’d be more apt to believe that ‘the Corporation’ wanted the improved economic numbers from a huge sales burst, even as they are preparing for registration/confiscation…a bailout of sorts for the industry. Why not, when ever other “essential” industry and TBTF gets a bailout? Notice that a major firearms manufacturer (Freedom Group) got sold in the wake of the tragedy… follow the money and ask, “who gains” from the tactics and timeline of the gun-grabbers?

~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to Death!

6 years ago

Please look at “The Alex Jones Show” on this