Domestic Enemies

I am listening to the Comey hearings on C-SPAN at this time. I already had a low opinion of the “government” in Washington, D.C. but even I am surprised by the overt treason shown by Democrats in these hearings. The Republicans, as expected, are not showing any spine: call this abuse of justice what it is.

I will put videos up when they are published later in the day.

David DeGerolamo

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5 years ago

Just theater Dave, just theater!

Archbishop Gregori
5 years ago

David, I am not surprised how this farce is turning out. I am 71 years old, and I have heard a lot of Congressional hearings and they all turn out the same way. Those Democrats on these panels always do the same thing, they blow smoke up the butts of those being interrogated (if those being interrogated are also Democrats or RINOs) and then they proceed to accuse those on the right of all kinds of unsavory or underhanded acts. On the other side of the coin, NOTHING ever comes from the hearings because in the end the Republicans always come to the same conclusion, “There is no ‘there’ there,” or they always lack the guts to do any thing, even when they are in the majority.

In my opinion, none of the explanations that Comey gave, made any sense at all. Yes, the “FIX WAS IN”, and it started with the hearings on Benghazi. And I also believe that Comey was either threatened or bribed. Either way, both Comey and Lynch, lack any ethical or moral credibility.

Like it or not, if Hillary is elected, or if the GOP steals the nomination from Trump, no matter who they put up in his place, the United States is FINISHED.

5 years ago

the demoncrats only obstruct republican hearings when it concerns democrats, but the demoncrats will go full force ahead using full court press when it’s a republican. When the republican or conservative is in the cat bird seat they never make it out of the hearings and sometimes are jailed quite fast, while the demoncrats walk away and could care less. the worse obstructionist on the demoncrat side of the aisle are now the Black Marxist Bolshevik Negros, like Elijah Cummings from Maryland, this guy is the worse Racist obstructionist of all, Cummings should have been jailed when he was handing documents over from the hearing concerning the case of Lois Lerner the anti christian hater Bolshevik Jew, nothing happened to him what so ever, Issa let it go by like it was no big deal, this is considered high crimes against the state when things like this occur. the republican party are there own worse enemies or they want to be like the demoncrat bolsheviks. that entire demoncrat party must be eliminated at some point or your supposition will come to pass, America will be finished.