A Message from the pResident

Share if you agree that doing nothing is an unacceptable decision.

I agree with the pResident: I will actively do everything to save the country from this narcissistic government. I only pray that it is not too late to save at least a portion of the country from the Domestic Enemies trying to control our lives, faith and honor.

David DeGerolamo

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5 Responses to A Message from the pResident

  1. Mark says:

    I’m doing something…I’m buying (what the idiots liberals call an assault rife -- I call it “Don’t Thread on Me” freedom insurance)…another one just like the other ones…I already have. Plus another 1,000 rounds.

    I believe it will retain it value and as we stumble our way towards Civil War 2 could one day become invaluable.

    Unlike the pResident I will name the greatest threat to the United States of America: Him!

  2. xtron says:

    instead of “doing something” about “dangerous” guns…which 1) don’t exist and 2) are only tools which can be used for good as well as evil…..why don’t we do something about dangerous people?? the two common factors of the huge majority of recient mass shootings is 1) ssri psychotropic drug use and 2) muslim faith.

    why not require anyone needing/using ssri drugs be INPATIENT ONLY untill they no longer need the drug, or a suitable replacement is working for them??

    why not get real about our national safety and ban any mosque/web sight which promotes anti-american/anti american values HATE SPEECH. why is anti-muslim retoric hate speech, but anti christian/jewish/gay/woman/american/western speech by muslims perfectly acceptble??

    muslims should be able to practice their religion freely…as long as they allow other religions, or those who choose no religion to be practiced with the same freedom…if they choose to follow strict sharia, they should not be allowed to remain in this country.

    take the mentally disturbed/dangerous and the dangerous religious zealouts off the streets and the “gun problem” will be reduced to drug gang violence…and these are criminals who will ignore any and all laws,

    • Rich says:

      Mental health is the avenue to gun control..

      American Psychiatric Asso: Half of Americans are mentally ill..
      After crafting by politicians and Media all will be crazy except for them..

      300 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs were written in 2009 alone..
      Your children on medication for ADHD?
      Single woman with children diagnosed with depression?

      be careful what you ask for

  3. norseman says:

    yea that part about religious zealot crazy watch that one too because theres always someone in the shadows willing to classify you as one and probably already have just as im sure they have already have with me

  4. Phil says:

    I puke on him and all his satanic muslim compatriots and also I puke on every democratic white/Black liberal piece of human garbage in our nation who have destroyed there own culture and country. these evil demons will suffer at the hand of God very shortly an they will wail and howl when it comes.

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