Don’t Be Afraid to Say Revolution

Occupy Wall Street – Day 11

Dr. Cornell West speaking to useful idiots on Wall Street:


If patriots would speak out for revolution, we would be arrested for sedition. When we attended patriot protests and events, what has always been our weakest link? We never could motivate our children to stand up for our nation. What we are now witnessing is the fact that our children will stand up only if it meets their personal wants.

If revolution is coming and it is led by the looters and their useful idiots, what will you do?

David DeGerolamo

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12 years ago

One day soon, the democrat-left-progressive-communists are going to have an epiphany, an “uh oh” moment.

Andrew Breitbart spoke recently about the coming insurrection and attempts by the left to blame it on conservatives:

Mr. Breitbart’s “scary” words were spoken at a Red Mass Group greater Boston Tea Party event in Lexington, Massachusetts, on September 16 (see sidebar video). The part that has CSGV so upset is where he acknowledges occasionally indulging in idle thoughts of telling the “progressive” thugs who threaten him and his family to go ahead and try to carry out their threats:

“Fire the first shot. Bring it on.”

And then, he utters the even more unforgivable (in the eyes of statists) words:

“We outnumber them in this country and we have the guns.”

And that, of course, is what so upsets CSGV. We--the American people--do have the guns, and any plans to subvert our liberties and usurp our authority as citizens must take that into account. CSGV’s beloved government monopoly on force does not exist in the U.S. (and will not, as long as there is a U.S.).

REF: Breitbart is right--we DO have the guns -- St. Louis gun rights |

When government is replaced by tyrrany, I still get to vote: