Don’t Get Miss Frankie Mad!

Miss Frankie at Occupy Raleigh on October 15th, 2011


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10 years ago

What Miss Frankie omits is the billions in employment taxes and sales taxes that these corporations do pay. The ability to write off corporate losses accounts for most of their eligibility to not pay corporate taxes and that is based on current tax laws. So if Miss Frankie wants to be mad at someone, she should be mad at the legislators that create tax laws so complicated that allow this to happen. However Miss Frankie should also remember that the ability to preserve revenue is what allows these corporations to invest in hiring employees, provide for benefits such as health care and retirement, and invest in research and development.

As for me, I would rather have the money in the hands of the businesses where I can hope to earn a living for my family rather than in the hands of the government where there is no hope!