Ebola Nightmare in New York


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The possible Ebola patient in New York has tested negative for the virus so that incident will be relegated to the journalistic trash heap of history. But what if Mr. Silverman had been infected with Ebola?

Consider the following from the report in the NY Daily News:

  1. “We had just had a family dinner the night before, and everyone was hugging and kissing. Now we were all very worried.”
  2. Two days before he was riding his bike 40 miles around New York
  3. As Silverman and his mother got into a livery car close to midnight, he warned his mother: “Don’t mention the ‘E-word’ in the cab, or else we’re never going to make it up there.”

So IF Mr. Siverman had been infected, most of his family and friends would have contracted this airborne virus (regardless of the CDC propaganda). Along with a portion of New York along his 40 miles bicycle ride and a cab driver. What is the penalty for getting into a cab and not disclosing that you may have an infectious disease? Reckless endangerment? Mr. Silverman did knowingly put the cab driver’s life in danger as shown by his warning to his mother not to say the E-word.

Did the hospital track down the cab driver and all of his passengers after transporting Mr. Silverman to the hospital and Ebola testing starting? Did the government quarantine his house, friends or family?

So the simple question is: what if Mr. Silverman had had Ebola? The answer is New York would not have been saved.

David DeGerolamo

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7 years ago

All it will take is ONE person at the correct stage of infectiousness traveling through a major metro area like Tokyo etc. for Ebola to get a foothold. Once that happens ALL bets are off. It could make the Spanish Flu pandemic look mild by comparison.