Blast Alert Against North Carolina H390 (COSP)

On Wednesday afternoon March 20, shortly after the Convention of States Project’s (COSP’s) Article V convention (A5C) application was introduced, Mark Meckler and his sidekick and chief arm-twister, Tom Coburn, descended on the North Carolina General Assembly. They invited Republican representatives to join them for dinner at Caffe Luna, a popular Tuscan/Italian restaurant in Raleigh. Sure enough, the free “unparalleled culinary experience” and we’re not sure what else, netted COSP more co-sponsors. This is the same COSP team that warned Kansas legislators, just last week, to beware of outsiders trying to influence them!

Here is the application we oppose in the North Carolina House:

H390 (COSP) – pending in committee — hearing not scheduled yet.

HERE and attached is our State flyer which explains the dangers of an A5C.   

HERE and attached are words from brilliant men who warned against an A5C.

Legislators have been told by COSP that they will control convention Delegates and set the convention rules. But this isn’t true! Article V provides that when 2/3 of the state legislatures apply for it, Congress calls a convention. At that point, it will be out of the State Legislatures’ hands. See this CHART.

THIS ARTICLE and THIS FLYER show why States can’t control the Delegates or prevent a runaway convention.

As Georgetown law professor David A Super says in this ARTICLE, “These groups are seeking to persuade State Legislatures to take the country into …uncharted territory…Calling an Article V convention is reckless, especially at this divisive moment in our nation’s political history.”

Please write to the following 120 North Carolina representatives and ask them to Vote “No!” on H390 and any other applications from North Carolina asking Congress to call an Article V convention:

House Republicans (65) – Dear Representative:



House Democrats (55) – Dear Representative:



Thank you for defending our Constitution!

Publius Huldah

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3 Responses to Blast Alert Against North Carolina H390 (COSP)

  1. Bongo says:

    I’m not a resident of NC but travel there almost daily — I can’t vote there but I am there in spirit and fire

  2. Publius Huldah says:

    Here is a page from “Convention of States Action” Tax Form showing that they paid Tom Coburn $240,000. for the year 2016 to sell COS poison to State Legislators:

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