100+ gunshots fired in ‘mass casualty’ incident at north Charlotte block party

Two people are dead and 12 people are hurt at a block party that led to a shooting and several people being struck by vehicles in north Charlotte early Monday morning. Police are calling the incident a “mass casualty” and say over 100 rounds were fired into a crowd of around 400 people.

Just before 12:30 p.m., officials identified the two people killed as 29-year-old Kelly Miller and 28-year-old Christopher Antonio Gleaton. Police say some of the other people who were injured are fighting for their lives.

The violent scene unfolded around 12:30 a.m. on Beatties Ford Road near Catherine Simmons Avenue following an “unorganized” Juneteenth celebration.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said they were initially called to the area after hearing a pedestrian may have been hit. Officers arrived to find hundreds of people in the streets as shots went off.


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5 Responses to 100+ gunshots fired in ‘mass casualty’ incident at north Charlotte block party

  1. Wes Rhinier says:

    • David says:

      Time to head to the mountains. Once the cities start to burn, it is too late.

      • GenEarly says:

        Beatty’s Ford Rd. was dangerous drug infested no man’s land when I left Charlotte in 1983. Just “Thoughts and Prayers” ever since I guess.
        I never looked back on Charlotte except good riddance.
        That 37 years of democRat and Black rule has produced Nothing but more BS is so typical of Libtard Ignorance.
        I voted for Jimmi Carter back in those daze too, but even Libtards knew this City was not well, but didn’t have the stomach for anything but more Pandering and Excuse Making for Blacks bad behavior.

  2. David says:

    No use heading to the mountains from the cities unless a place has already been prepared.Those of us who already live here won’t welcome masses of city folk planning on just showing up unprepared.Be a bad day in black rock if they show up here.
    Ain’t sharing my moonshine with no one unless they got a barter.

    • Shinmen Takezo says:


      There is NO RUNNING AWAY from the problem. Either you stand and fight, or you will be crushed later when the hordes come to you. Even if you have a BOL--ditto. It’s just a place to die alone in later.

      One person--two persons, even three can turn around history with correct actions.

      Case in point a Japanese samurai named Miyamoto Musashi. This guy challenged the entire Yosiyoka school (do-jo) of sword fighting to a duel. He showed up alone against over 80 men with samurai swords and guns. And despite being wounded, he won the duel. True story about Musashi--a legendary figure in Japan. Read his books on martial arts, “The Book Of Five Rings.”

      Another recent example: I was in line with a gentleman last week at a local gun store in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Talking with him he told me how he had just purchased a condo in the posh beach front area of Long Beach--and how he watched helplessly as the businesses below his condo and the across the street were ravaged by thugs, looters and arsonists. All he had to fight off the goons were harsh words and a butter knife--he was in line to purchase a firearm.

      Now if he had merely a Ruger 10/22, he could have changed history alone in Long Beach, saved a building from burning, and saved businesses from being looted out. Even if he had an semi-automatic BB rifle, he could have done the same. He could have busted up the looters and arsonists, but he could only stand there helpless.

      So he that day transitioned from being a “normie-con” into a “winning-right” thinker.

      The coming conflict WILL BE IN THE CITIES.
      Wrap your skulls around this fact please.

      There will be no hunkering down waiting for trouble to arrive.
      These redoubts you think will protect you will be crushed one-by-one.
      If the leftists keep control of the major centers of this economy--they will plunge this country into a darkness that we will never emerge from.

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