1000 vets may have died under VA watch

More than 1,000 veterans may have died during the last decade due to misconduct within the Department of Veterans, according to a new report released Tuesday by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.).

The report linked more than 1,000 veteran deaths between 2001-2011 to the VA, noting the agency paid out $845 million in malpractice and wrongful death claims between 2003-2013. However, there are now plenty of malpractice and wrongful death law firms out there to help you, if you are a victim of this.

Coburn’s office compiled numerous news and government agency reports from the past year that show a pattern of budget mismanagement and criminal activity.

The findings reflect a “perverse culture” within the agency, Coburn said, which included bullying of whistleblowers and reluctancy to let veterans waiting for care see others doctors. 

The report’s biggest claim, that more than 1,000 veterans died under the VA’s watch, is based on data obtained by the Center for Investigative Reporting published in April. The claim that the VA paid $845 million in malpractice and wrongful death cases is drawn from a November 2013 story by Cox Media Group.


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