14 Days After an Event

The Sensible Mountain Preparedness Seminar at the Haywood County Community College was held on June 18th. The keynote speaker was Dr. William Forstchen who wrote the best selling novel “One Second After“. The following video covers a question poised by Dr. Forstchen at a meeting at the US Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Would I hold my grandchild up? Would I let the children in? Although these questions are ones we hope to never have to answer, the reality is that the premise is not “if” but “when”.


While the atmosphere in the auditorium offered a solemn future after this discussion concerning an EMP or CME, the premise of our military bases being islands of recovery is intriguing.

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to 14 Days After an Event

  1. TMedlin says:

    because we don’t know exactly what is going to happen, there’s no way to know if the military bases will become ghost towns, with service men and women scrmabling to take care of their own families…it all just depends on what causes the crash -- a slow, controlled economic crash (like Soros-Obama are currently orchestrating)…maybe…an EMP -- who knows…I suspect our military bases are NOT supplied with huge stores of food, for huge numbers of people, for an extending length of time. They may have the firepower to defend the bases, but you better not depend on it.

    • admin says:

      The scenario outlined in the book “Patriots” is likely in a slow or fast economic collapse: the soldiers just leave and go home. As pointed out in the seminar, the government is buying huge amounts of dehydrated food. Where is this food going? I seriously doubt that Fema is storing food to “help” people in times of emergency since the amount of food involved precludes supplying even a Katrina type event. Our government’s solution to natural disasters is to print more money, hand out debit cards and return to the golf course. If this fails, just find a scapegoat and make a public display for their dismissal.

      If this military base scenario becomes reality, the base commanders will be the ones making the decisions: as this video shows, our “leaders” do not want to consider this contingency.

  2. Larry Porter says:

    When I see a seminar this well attended (Jan Sterrett estimates about 700) with so many enthusiastic people, it finally gives me some hope. For every person who gets prepared, that’s one family I don’t have to worry about coming after me and my family when it all goes down. For every group that gets organized, it gives me hope that there will be groups of leaders active to rebuild after it goes down. Jan and Bill have more requests than they can handle for such seminars and the Greenville group Preparedness, LLC is doing another one in the next few months. I suggest some of you put one together wherever you are. Bill Forstchen has promised anybody who asked, to attend them to help drive home the fact we “must” become prepared. Thanks for the video of the event David.

  3. Rhonda Crowder says:

    Great turn out for this very important meeting. I learned a great deal as we head into a future of uncertainty!

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