24 Day Incubation Period?

A new report finds that the incubation period for the coronavirus may be as long as 24 days, 10 days longer than previous expected.

That means that the potential size of “infected & contagious yet unaware” masses walking around (outside of China’s quarantine borders) could be substantially larger than feared.

On top of that, additional data from China’s hospitals in Wuhan show that once a patient is hospitalized, meaning their condition has become severe, the death rate is very high (~20%). More reinforcement that you want to avoid this virus if at all possible.

And yet, the stock market remains unconcerned to the pandemic threat. Another up day, despite a warning from the Council on Foreign on the fragility of the US economy’s dependence on Chinese supply chains.

Scary stat: 97% of all US antibiotics come from China. Meanwhile, many regions in China are extending their ‘return to work’ deadlines as efforts to fight the outbreak continue.

As we’ve been saying daily now, at some point, the markets are going to have to acknowledge the large and growing lack of economic production that is not occurring.

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  2. Larry R Holmgren says:

    How many patients died/#hospitalized in Wuhan?
    I calculated 20% on the number of deaths/#recovered.
    2-10-20. 910 dead/(910+3344 survived) = a 21.4% death rate.

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