EXSUM – 16 APR 14


Executive Intelligence Summary (EXSUM) 16 APR 14


A new take on Milgram’s torture experiments.

A new article from a social science publication and website investigates the infamous Milgram experiments of the 1960s.  Milgram, a scientist, conducted a series of experiments using dozens of Americans and published his findings that everyday people will commit atrocities against other human beings if they’re urged on by an authority figure.  Easy to believe.

But this new article points out that in at least one of Milgram’s experiments, not one individual was willing to harm another, even at the prodding and encouragement of authority.  And at a bulk average ‘success’ rate of 43%, the majority of participants (57%) disobeyed authority and either would not harm others or would not harm them to the extent that satisfied the authority figure.

The next time we think about the violent enforcement of laws (re: Bundy Ranch), we should look to this study and observe when and why Milgram’s participants were unwilling to cause harm to other individuals.  Let’s seek to replicate those conditions that made them unwilling to cooperate with authority and exploit the relationship between master and enforcer.  (NEEDS MORE ATTENTION.)

SOURCE: Social Science Space



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