Ebola Update, Ignorance and Misdirection

One cause leading up to a worldwide Ebola pandemic is ignorance. The Republic of Congo is over 80% Christian. Their faith overrode their common sense which will have severe consequences. Ebola, volcanoes and other media misdirection will only serve to distract us from what is important. The financial markets, European Union, Syria, Turkey, Russia, China, North Korea, Brazil, Venezuela, European Muslim invasion and the Deep State usurpation are more than enough to capture our undivided attention.

David DeGerolamo


Ebola Breach: Vomiting Patients “In Active Phase” Smuggled Out Of Quarantine, Die Within Hours

On Thursday, Dr. Jean-Clement Cabrol of Doctors Without Borders revealed that two vomiting patients “in the active phase of the disease” were smuggled out of quarantine on Monday, put on motorcycles, and taken to a prayer meeting with 50 people – where they died hours later.

“The escape was organised by the families, with six motorcycles as the patients were very ill and couldn’t walk,” Cabrol said at a news briefing in Geneva after returning from the affected region.

They were taken to a prayer room with 50 people to pray. They were found at two in the morning, one of them dead and one was dyingSo that’s 50-60 contacts right there. The patients were in the active phase of the disease, vomiting.”


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