A 1992 Bosnian Holocaust Survivor Warns America to Never Give Up Their Guns

Friend and colleague, Kathy Rubio, sent me a biographical account of a document written by a person who survived the holocaust conditions in Bosnia between 1992 and 1995. According to Kathy, the man has had a stroke and obviously would not be available for interviews. Subsequently, I went through the 8 page document and extracted information that related to the importance of having guns in a crisis. Not one word, or one sentence was altered in any way, even down to the conjugation of verbs.
After I extracted the word-for-word- account of the this person’s experience in Bosnia, related to the importance of having guns, I organized his answers in accordance to the questions that he was answering that we are currently debating today in America as the government is doing what they can do confiscate our guns and leave us defenseless. For people who think that gun confiscation is a good idea, please shove this article under their nose and insist they read this account.
A Courageous Tale of Survival


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3 Responses to A 1992 Bosnian Holocaust Survivor Warns America to Never Give Up Their Guns

  1. Rabbi Will says:

    Amen! Community survives. Network. NOW!

  2. 173dVietVet says:

    Hope your source is not Selco.

    He has been a fantastic source of info on what it is like to live in Sarajevo after the Schumer Hits The Fan.

    He was an EMT, I believe, and that helped him, but he also learned how to be the Grey Man. and blend in.

    Thanks to your source, whomever he is. He is right…when the Schumer Hits, you either have self-defense weapons or you are a target.

    Barter goods are great but without firearms and bodies to be on watch, you and your supplies will not last long.

    • a follower says:

      Selco, was and is an amazing story of endurance and perseverance. Have thought and prepped much because of his accounting.
      Being the gray man was also some of my favorite topics. Southern prepper 1 had some good advice on being the Gray Man.

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