A 912 Group Leader’s Perspective on Lynda Bennett

Bennett, Cawthorn in runoff for District 11 Republican nomination ...

We have a very important election coming up for North Carolina 11th District Congressional seat.  You may want to ask yourself some questions.  What ever happened to Haywood County’s 912 group?  Why did you never receive emails from the 912 group?  Why were you never aware of the things going on in the county at that time? 

I can tell you why.  Lynda Bennett, running for congress, replacing Mark Meadows, had control of the email list for the 912 group in Haywood County.  We know for a fact that you did not receive an email when MoveOn.org and the radical Democratic Socialists came to Haywood County. We asked her to send an email to the list of the 912 group and ask them to meet at the Democratic Headquarters where they were having a meeting.  Lynda’s comment to us was “No, There might be a propensity for violence.”

If she can’t make a stand for Haywood County then what makes you think she would be a strong advocate for the United States?  What makes you think that she could or would stand up to China, Russia, Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer?

As for those of us who were the 912 group leaders, we will be voting for Madison Cawthorne.  We hope you will too!

Jan Sterrett

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3 Responses to A 912 Group Leader’s Perspective on Lynda Bennett

  1. Cheryl Robinson says:

    Amen. Glad you spelled it out for everyone
    Seems she’s a rino

  2. Ed and Carolyn Underwood says:

    If you want more of the same in D.C. government, Deep State manipulations and yet another “me first!” person who could care less about you, your life, your county’s well being, then “llb” is the one for you. We know lynda bennett. As newcomers to Haywood County ten years ago, we had the disquieting experience of watching her in action. We had more than one painful encounter seeing and hearing her say one thing and do the other, or do nothing at all about the Conservative Ideals many Americans cherish. You remember the “Tea Party” and “912” Groups that were up and running strongly at that time and are no more? She is why. “Control” and “manipulate”, anyone? At this time in our history, the spirit behind those two words could not be any clearer. “llb” is no friend of Haywood County, nor the Conservative movement. It is all about position, power and influence for her, period.

    Like many other Conservatives, we, too, are walking away from “llb’s” candidacy.

    Madison Cawthorne has our support and our vote!

  3. Lee Jackson says:

    Madison Cawthorne has my support as well. After seeing the coup that took place a few years ago at the Haywood County Republican Convention and the way politically active life long republicans in Haywood County were treated when the County leadership didn’t agree with them. I gave up on politics all together as far as trying to change hearts and minds of many of my associates. I still follow local politics but no where as close as I use to. I have known and watched Lynda Bennett for years not on a personal level only political, I do not see her as an example I could be proud to give my vote to. On the other hand Madison seems to be a good guy who still believes he can make a difference. Observing him in commercials and videos I have to say I WOULD be proud to give him my vote.

    Also his generation and more to follow are the ones being stuck with all the national debt being created so he may be more biased to voting for more of the same. I at least HOPE so.

    Andrew “Lee” Jackson
    Haywood County

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