A Concise Accounting for Opposing an Article V Convention

Click here for the letter from Phyllis Schlafly Eagles on SJR36.

Anyone who is being “led” by the false promises of an Article V convention should take a minute to read this one page summary.

David DeGerolamo

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6 Responses to A Concise Accounting for Opposing an Article V Convention

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    We don’t need no stinkin’ Article V Constitutional Convention! This is a dangerous ploy, by the left, to change what has worked for 239 years to their advantage and to turn this country into a socialist country like Cuba, China and other “shit-hole countries”.
    What we DO need to do is arrest and prosecute those who violate their oaths of office, the traitors, the seditionists, the criminals, no matter their name or political status, and ADHERE to the laws already in place.
    We need the death penalty for capitol murder, and treason back on the books, adding drug trafficking, and removing any judges who refuse to adjudicate accordingly.
    We NEED to return to the RULE OF LAW before we end up like Venezuela.

    • Mike says:

      You are correct.

    • Norseman says:

      So why is it you feel like drug dealers should be killed ? Is there a basis for this or are you just happy to have anyone who you disagree with offed. Me I’d rather have a lot less law and a lot more personal responsibility for actions.

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  3. Hadenoughalready says:

    I don’t want more laws. In fact, I want less. But “personal responsibility” comes from knowing there are consequences; some dire, if you choose to test the waters.
    My daughter has been on everything but skates for 8 years. Lost her kids twice, OD’d several times. Is my comment personal -- YES.
    I’m talking about those dealers who traffic drugs en masse. There’s no need of this.
    Smoke your weed if you like but stop processing the other stuff into the highest concetrations possible and killing families and endangering kids.
    And where did I say I wanted “anyone who you disagree with offed”? Thank you but I don’t need any help interpreting English.

  4. Norseman says:

    At the end of the day those people who are doing those hard drugs that kill them will still kill themselves on something. They’re just going to do it and that sucks because it’s another life ruined ,however all of our biggest problems originate from our government and probably from our churches not doin their job . The point of conflict I had with your comment was to put people on death row for trafficking because it’s a never ending cycle and won’t cure the problem

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