A Dose of Truth

And one more thing. If you think we will accept a Biden presidency, you will find out what “Hell No” really means.

David DeGerolamo

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7 Responses to A Dose of Truth

  1. Andy says:

    A Biden presidency. Bless their hearts…

  2. Lordchamp says:

    That is just priceless.

    She epitomizes the seemly innate Southern ability to institute a verbal slapdown and still maintain our Southern charm. Our ladyfolk seem to be extraordinarily blessed with this ability.

    Definitely got a good chuckle from me.

  3. Gail Jansen says:

    Southern born & bred and proud of it! Loved this. It reminds me of my California friend who is so broad minded that she can only equate Southern men to ‘red-necks’ and slow talking hay seeds. Or, my Californian friend, turned Argentinian, who thinks all farmers are useless. News flash: If the USA has a fighting chance, it will be because of Southerners. We are the last line of defense. Lord a mercy!

  4. LT says:

    Well bless their heart. Twice.
    Just before blessing their pointy little head.
    The shovel work is the only difficult part.
    And, “hell, no!” Will only be the prelude,
    The overture is going to be more 1812 style.

  5. Kevin Lloyd says:

    “Forget, hell!” was a common expression when I was growing up in Tennessee. Unfortunately, too many Southern men have been on a steady diet of no red meat and soy-enhanced processed foods, alcohol, pot, online porn, and watching all forms of “sportball” since then. This has caused testosterone levels to plummet along with willingness to just get off the couch, much less be informed and prepared. Most go on thinking the first civil war was about ending slavery instead of the real cause which was economic strangulation and ultimate invasion by the ancestry of todays banker class Yankees. Biden will be president and we will just take it because there are simply not enough healthy Southern badasses to do the job I’m afraid. Sad but true.

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