A Flash from the Past

On December 27, 2012, an article outlining information from an insider at DHS was published at Canada Free Press. Although I recommend reading the entire article, this portion stuck with me.

DH: How soon do you see things taking place?

RB: They already are in motion. If you’re looking for a date I can’t tell you. Remember, the objectives are the same, but plans, well, they adapt. They exploit. Watch how this fiscal cliff thing plays out. This is the run-up to the next big economic event.

I can’t give you a date. I can tell you to watch things this spring. Start with the inauguration and go from there. Watch the metals, when they dip. It will be a good indication that things are about to happen. I got that little tidbit from my friend at [REDACTED].

Gold is currently down $57.30. I think this “dip” under the current economic crisis is the precursor for the worst case scenario that we have been fearing.


The above reprint was posted on February 28, 2020. The price of gold today is down $61.10. One news report suggest the price is falling due to the development of a COVID-91 vaccine in Russia. I believe it is people who are dumping their worthless paper gold holdings and manipulation to cover the impending gold shorts:

There appears to be no way out for the bullion banks deteriorating $53bn short gold futures positions ($38bn net) on Comex. An earlier attempt between January and March to regain control over paper gold markets has backfired on the bullion banks.

Watch closely because the same downturn will happen in the stock market as regular people see their retirement plans evaporate from the smoke and mirrors of the federal reserve.

David DeGerolamo

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