A Gift from Matt Bracken


Via FB:

I’m going to do a Kindle “free run” on my Enemies Trilogy from Monday, July 14, through Wednesday night. I have up to 5 days, but I’d prefer to hold a few in reserve. If this 3 day run takes off and gets attention among the libs, I can extend it to 5. If it doesn’t take off among the libs, I’ll just do 3 days, and keep the other 2 days per book in reserve in case my books are suddenly noticed by the other side. If and when that happens, I want to offer it to them gratis, to get it out of the conservative “choir” over to where it really needs to be read.

Spread the word, please.

h/t WRSA

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2 Responses to A Gift from Matt Bracken

  1. Rich says:

    Alice Novoa

  2. Bob says:

    Thank you Mr. Bracken for your generosity. I have wanted to read your trilogy for quite some time and now that I have downloaded all three books I will get my chance. I am also telling my friends who share my beliefs to download their copies as well. Thank you.

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