A Good Citizen

christian mercenary

by T.L. Davis

Christians identify with being law-abiding. The Bible teaches that obedience to the law is part of being a good citizen. A good citizen. Consider that. What is good citizenship in the United States? Is it turning away from Christian beliefs in order to remain peaceful? Yes, this is exactly what the state wants from us. But, is that what God wants from us; to turn away from Him in order to remain peaceful to the state? I think not.

To most Christians it is a blurry line. It is intentionally blurry. The state is not interested in encouraging Christians to follow Christian values, in fact the state has been dedicated to the destruction of Christian values for a very long time. Marriage has increasingly become a secular union, one open to their interpretation, devoid of God, devoid of Christian values.

Religion itself has been under attack for several decades, driven from the public square by atheists and Godless judges.


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