A Leader

I felt this conversation I had with a friend needed to be passed along.

Please Share your Thoughts.

For Two Plus Years, the American People have been Exposed to the seditious, treasonous endeavors by our UnElected Leaders yet NOTHING ever happens. Evil appears to win and people in positions of Power that could STOP IT DON’T. It all leads to apathy and distrust of government. That’s where most people are today! Maybe part of their overall plans… I’m not sure.
I think everyone has different abilities to reason which leads to different approaches to life. It Takes all kinds. The Ones with vast understanding, those able to communicate even those always ready to fight for Liberty. Yet True leaders are few and far between. We have not one here that I’ve seen. Nothing significant will happen good until then.
If we think we can generate permanent change on a scale without one, we’re fooling ourselves!
The left appears full of leaders and soldiers that are true believers in their cause. We currently have charlatans.
When you spot our George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, George S. Patton, let me know.

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3 Responses to A Leader

  1. sawman says:

    I have heard many bemoan the fact that we have no truly great leader and without one we have lost the struggle before the fight even begins. I do not believe that is so. Leaderless resistance can be very effective and in fact may be the one path most likely to succeed at this time. If we had one leader or 10 overseeing resistance in various areas of the country they would be easily targeted and those around them infiltrated and subverted.

    I also will be the first to admit that while leaderless resistance can be highly effective at resistance that in the end it can help you win but can never lead if you succeed. I am of firm belief that if your struggle is a righteous one and you place your full faith in divine providence then God will supply you with the tools needed to succeed. I believe He will provide leadership when it is needed most. I believe that the fires of this struggle will forge the leadership we need.

    Ecclesiastes 1:9

    That which has been is what will be,
    That which is done is what will be done,
    And there is nothing new under the sun.

  2. greek01 says:

    I believe that leaders evolve. IMO leadership requires humility, patience and discipline of self and others. I would be cautious of anyone who wants to lead. There is enough bullshit and posering The leadership required will not be any style we have been accustomed to because we will have a completely different environment.

    Perception -- or currently -- PSYOP -- is reality. Who gets identified as partisan, insurgent, militia, patriot, citizen, etc and how definition can be twisted to fit the party line. We are currently in a PSYOP war. Who controls the dialogue? We see who the MSM aligns with. The lines are becoming less fuzzy. IMO those of us who believe in America are being put on the defensive being labeled as bible-clutching gun-toting hicks.

    We, we happy few, we band of brothers (sisters too) need to counter this action. Many with the alt-media are doing great work, but the signal needs to get stronger -- and louder. Not propaganda, but truth. IMO, we need to get the fence-sitters to decide what they will do and take a stand.

    As I see it, the line of demarcation is between those who gave an oath and reference the Constitution and those who also gave an oath to uphold and defend, but actually use it to wipe their behinds. I remember Bush-the-son said something to that effect?

    So, I see those who will follow orders because they are well paid (and for no other reason) and along with their “leadership” consider the Constitution to be an “inconvenience” or just a piece a vellum with antiquated notions -- ergo, the NWO and the deep state, who know what is best for them, constraints and discipline be damned -- for our own good -- to bend over and grab out ankles.

    The deep state and those who wish to destroy America for a pipe dream, a myth and a lie, know that here are many, many more of us,who love our country and wish to preserve our, life, liberty and sacred honor.

    Actually, these ” ” who wish to destroy America, deep in their bones are scared because if fury and rage cry havoc and release the dogs of war they won’t be able to run or hide.

    In time, the leaders will be known as the stage is set and the play unfolds.

    Silver lining: I am noticing the beginning of a fracturing amongst the jackasses, liberals, progressives, leftists. This needs to be exploited. Many of you know what to do ;} Don’t wait for someone else to tell you or give you permission. Be proactive and agitate the useful idiots.

  3. Jim says:

    A Leader?

    My spur of the moment thoughts…

    Ain’t gonna happen. Why? Everyone wants to be the leader, but nobody wants to jump into the water until ‘they cross my line’ (whatever that may be). And no one, but absolutely no one, wants to cross the Moral High Ground Line alone and set off the parade, even with known compatriots-- ‘because why?’… you KNOW ‘because why?’… ‘What if we’re the only ones?’ and, ‘Everyone else will call us names… like ‘traitor’, ‘criminals’, ‘radicals fools’… you get the drift. Even those in ‘our group’ won’t back us-- ‘because why?’ ‘I’m married… have kids… have a job… have…’

    Ergo-- ain’t gonna happen. This ship is going to sink like a water-soaked log and no one’s going to stop it until Christ returns.

    My two cents. Pray that I’m wrong, ‘cuz I want to be. I sure don’t want to be, or sound, negative, but that’s the way I’m feeling at the moment.

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