A Letter From Doug Jones

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Someday I may find out who revised my name in the Democrat database to Buttf_ck. I revised the donation links.

David DeGerolamo
Last night, I voted to convict Donald Trump on both charges brought against him by the House.

This was far from an easy decision. My vote was not made based on party affiliation, polling, or politics. I decided based on evidence, choosing to defend our democracy and the people I’ve sworn to serve.

In under 24 hours, my opponents have already begun a barrage of attacks against me for doing what’s right — which is why I’m turning to you, Buttfuck. 

Mitch McConnell and his Republican networks in Washington have shown they’re ready to go to any length to try to remove me from the Senate, and I am asking you today if you’ll help me fight back.

Will you split a $10 contribution between my reelection campaign and the Democratic Party? Democrats in tough races like mine are relying on your support to win hard-fought battles nationwide, and we cannot win without you.

ONATE: $10 
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Donate another amount 

I am not exaggerating when I say that defending my seat this year will be difficult, and my votes yesterday have already invited attacks from the far right. One extreme, Trump-aligned dark money group announced they would spend nearly half a million dollars while my Senate colleagues and I were still deliberating. I need your help, Buttfuck.The DNC’s support was instrumental to my victory in 2017. They joined a broad coalition of organizers on the ground to reach every voter possible and invested in my race — a race many wrote off as hopeless in a state as historically red as Alabama. 

I, and so many other Democrats running in competitive districts and states, am counting on that same level of support from our party. But that won’t be possible without you.

Please split a $10 donation between my race for Senate and the DNC. I hope I can count on committed Democrats like you in important moments like this one.

Thank you for your help,

Doug Jones
U.S. Senate, Alabama

P.S. I didn’t run for Senate hoping to participate in the impeachment trial of a president. However, I could not shirk my duty to defend the Constitution and carry out impartial justice. 

I need to know you’ve got my back. Can you please make a $10 contribution to my campaign and make sure the DNC can support our vital work today?
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2 Responses to A Letter From Doug Jones

  1. Liberally Disgusted says:

    No, his decision wasn’t political. Give me a break. These “democrats” really do think we’re all stupid, don’t they? One term -- that’s it. Clean house, voters. NO DEMS! NO RINOS! Let’s clean up this country and let our President have a chance at putting us on a great path forward.

    • Les says:

      Its not a president that can put us “on a great path forward”. Its We the People. We outnumber the commies and we outnumber the Deep State. The name of the game is mass non-compliance and nullification. We must begin at the local level. Currently they think we all are just stupid sheeple. They must grow to fear us!

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