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From YouTube:

The gun show in Greenville SC. I arrived 1 hour 20 minutes before the doors opened and was near the front of the line probably 100 people in front of me. When I left a little after 10 this is still the line. Crazy Crazy Crazy. Iam sure glad the stores are still full of food I would hate to see the line if there was no food.

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  1. The Gun Shows in Gonzales Louisiana and Houston Texas were nightmares! The lines for both were over a mile long to get in. All the .223 ammo was sold out before we even got into either show. Very hard to navigate as it was shoulder to shoulder! Prices were 3 times the normal prices at Cabelas or BassPro. Ended up with just 6 cases of ammo and 3 kevlar combat helmets in woodlands camo…..

    Thanks a bunch Obama/DHS for creating a shortage! But, that’s ok, most folks I know have been stock piling for 2 years now. We ARE ready for your UN Troops AND their tanks!

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