A Message for Troubled Times

Behind the grate at the monastery, the two Mothers of the order described the background of the song’s lyrics and its meaning for today. Mother Thérèse told LifeSiteNews that the sister who composed the song “modified them [the words of ‘Invictus’] to fit to a more Carmelite, a more Christian expression.” Upon hearing the song, all the sisters were struck by the fitting nature of the lyrics “to the times we find ourselves in between the pandemic and the political unrest and so many disquieting events, the song seemed à propos to our time.”   

The song details a lone solider who finds himself alone after a great battle which leaves his leader bloodied. The submissive tone underscores the great beauty, as Mother Thérèse suggested, “of an Almighty Captain, who, if we follow Him, will get us through, no matter what kind of darkness we face as a society, or as an individual.” She stressed that the overarching theme of the ballad conveys that when God is in control, the devil is vanquished and the faithful are victorious.  


h/t Hermit Sister

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